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About CMC

We amplify young voices and cultivate skills for success through equitable access to music, collaboration, and opportunity.

Our vision is that youth use their voices to lead and make change,

inspiring and inspired by their community.

About ComMUSICation

About ComMUSICation

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ComMUSICation was founded in 2013 to fill a gap - to make high quality afterschool music programs accessible to youth. At CMC, music isn't just the singing or the instruments. It's a special language that builds confidence, community, and capacity for change for the youth we serve. The youth who participate in our programs learn life and leadership skills, build community across schools and cultures, and have the opportunity to perform frequently in amazing spaces.


Lower access barriers to high-quality music instruction. We offer free programs that are relevant to our young people, and do our best to lower other barriers, like transportation.

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Provide a safe and caring environment where youth can explore singing and  music-making, which we know is highly rewarding but can also be so vulnerable.

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Offer impactful performance opportunities that expose youth to worlds of possibilities, from working with world-class musicians to performing for our community in our own  backyard.

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Support youth’s development, not just by supporting the development of a set of musical skills, but by focusing on supporting the development of socio-emotional and leadership skills.