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The Next Stage

CMC's Next Stage initiative is about empowering tomorrow’s leaders by creating an accessible space to the Frogtown, Rondo, and North End neighborhoods where Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) youth are prioritized. A space where they have a voice, receive services that fulfill their basic needs, and have a caring environment that nurtures their social and academic development.

Our Next Stage Initiative includes:

  • Moving to a new space that will support our youth's academic achievement (when it is safe to do so)

  • Updating our ancient technology

  • Buying 20 new black concert music stands for our young musicians

  • Increasing our reach to more youth & families

  • Increasing our sustainability for years to come


"ComMUSICation allows all of St. Paul's youth, especially those from historically under-resourced neighborhoods, to experience the joy and achievement of music-making while growing new skills."


~Sharon DeMark, Program Officer

St. Paul & Minnesota Foundation

“I’m not shy anymore. When I [first started] doing choir I wouldn’t show my face at all and now I have my camera on me the whole time. I got over my fear knowing that other people might also be feeling the same thing."

~Aaliyah, 9th grade

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