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El Sistema

El Sistema is a movement started in Venezuela by Dr. Jose Antonio Abreu. At the heart of El Sistema is the idea that being part of a musical ensemble can powerfully impact the lives of youth in a community. El Sistema (which grew into the National System of Youth and Children’s Orchestras and Choirs of Venezuela) has had a dramatic effect in its home country, turning music into a transformative tool to hundreds of thousands of young people in the country’s most vulnerable populations. Since El Sistema’s founding in 1975, over 100 programs crafted after Dr. Abreu’s vision have sprouted around the U.S. with over 200 programs worldwide. ComMUSICation is a member of El Sistema USA, the US Sistema-inspired program national alliance.


Outcomes of El Sistema-inspired programs across the country include:

  • Increased parent involvement

  • Higher attendance in programming

  • Increased focus & concentration

In July of 2018, El Sistema USA (ESUSA) identified 13 exemplary organizations nationwide to support through the Program for Rising El Sistema Organizations (PRESTO). As a member of PRESTO, CMC is so grateful for ESUSA who provides CMC with funding, networking and mentorship opportunities, and training for senior leadership over a three-year period.  Learn more about CMC's involvement with PRESTO and El Sistema USA by clicking here

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