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10 years of changing lives through high quality music education in Saint Paul

Our community has changed over the years in these ways, here's how we've impacted that? 
ex of how we've changed the community 

Community - 10 years in the heart of Frogtown 
(could be Mahogany)

youth dev through music
ex how we use this, how it's progressed

Music - youth dev through music


Character - building future leaders 
Mahogany example

Ordway Event info

Join us in person at the Ordway as we celebrate 10 years of ComMUSICation with a spectacular afternoon of music, stories, and community featuring 
  • 100+ youth musicians K-12
  • World premiere of an original youth composition
  • Partners
  • Alumni choir
What: 10th Anniversary Showcase
When: May 21, 2023 at 2:00pm
Where: Ordway Concert Hall
info about the Ordway Concert Hall w image
Ordway event
add full width module of my choosing vid/photo

and we're just getting started

Dream 1

3 specific dreams (growing program, etc) and specific asks  - help us realize our dreams / help get us there / help shape the next 10 years

Dream 2

3 specific dreams (growing program, etc) 

Dream 3

3 specific dreams (growing program, etc) 


Help shape the next 10 years

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